Why Google Cardboard is actually a huge boost for virtual reality


At this point, attendees of Google I/O eagerly anticipate the big “Oprah moment” at the end of each keynote address in which some digital goodies are revealed as giveaways for everyone in attendance. But the biggest “what the?” moment of the Google I/O 2014 keynote was the reveal of Cardboard, a virtual reality headset that is actually made of cardboard, as one of those gifts.

Yet Cardboard is no joke. It’s actually a full-fledged virtual reality delivery system based around an Android smartphone that just happens to be recyclable.

It has lenses similar to any of the other phone-based headsets on the market and even has a button in the form of a magnet on its side. At an I/O talk Thursday, Cardboard creator David Coz said Google chose to work with cardboard because it’s dead simple. The headset can be assembled in 30 seconds and modified with paper and scissors. It’s just a…

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