This world can do without me
I’m not her only man
If the world should lose me
The world will understand

The people that I leave behind
Will live when I am not
They’ll take it as a passing sign
My absence soon forgot

The world has been since ancient times
A place of brief reprieve
I make no demands on this world
To count what I’ve achieved

This world’s a wonder and a pit
Both things are surely true
Marvels gild where evil flits
Near everything we do

I cannot bet upon this world
She cannot claim my soul
She’ll be fine when I am gone
She’ll never even know

I may be sad to part from those
I’ll lose upon that day
But who’s to say they’re gone for good
And not just far away?

The world can do without me
I am no vital link
No one’s irreplaceable
No matter what they think

I shall leave this unsure world
This life shall pass from me
Then I shall to other worlds
Roam farther, higher, free

God awaits in greener worlds
Where everything’s alive
I shall meet him there one day
And in those worlds I’ll thrive

The world can do without you friend
When your day is done
And if I’ve left before you then
We’ve only just begun

This world is one, it is not all
The day will come to leave
When that happens just recall
We’ve Other Worlds to Weave.

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