A man asked, “What is useful, what is not?”

This is my opinion:


A tool is just a tool my friends
It never is the thing
If the tool does rule you
Then the tool is not well named
If ruled by our technologies
Then rule ourselves we don’t
We’ve taken on a master
Whose mastery is wont
To make us lesser persons
To eat away our lives
Consuming all our sustenance
And all it might provide
But if a tool is just a tool
Efficient and complete
Employed to further on our aims
To grow and not deplete
Then tools do what they really should
They grow and build the man
This is what the tool is for
Their part within the plan
How a man may use his tools
That is his part to know
To use them all to shrink himself –
Or use them apropos?
I cannot tell you who is right
But of this I can say
Use your tools most wisely
Then put them all away
A tool is just a tool my friends
And that is good enough
But never is a tool a life
Nor is it only stuff…

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