I’ve never believed in that left brain/right brain non-sense. As a matter of fact I’ve never believed in or seen any real evidence in support of most of that pop psychology crap (and I used to work in the field of psychology) so popular among the general public, but I have often seen such things do a great deal of harm.

Although this is only a blog I’m very familiar with most of the work and neuroscience overturning right brain/left brain pop psychology. (This post points to some of it.) So I’m very glad to see this particular pop psychology idiocy being thoroughly disproven.

The Real Neuroscience of Creativity

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

So yea, you know how the left brain is really realistic, analytical, practical, organized, and logical, and the right brain is so darn creative, passionate, sensual, tasteful, colorful, vivid, and poetic?


Just no.

Stop it.


Thoughtful cognitive neuroscientists such as Anna AbrahamMark Beeman, Adam Bristol, Kalina Christoff, Andreas Fink, Jeremy Gray, Adam GreenRex JungJohn KouniosHikaru TakeuchiOshin VartanianDarya Zabelina and others are on the forefront of investigating what actually happens in the brain during the creative process. And their findings are overturning conventional and overly simplistic notions surrounding the neuroscience of creativity.

The latest findings from the real neuroscience of creativity suggest that the right brain/left brain distinction does not offer us the full picture of how creativity is implemented in the brain.* Creativity does not involve a single brain region or single side of the brain.

Instead, the entire creative process– from preparation to incubation to illumination to verification– consists of many interacting cognitive processes (both conscious and unconscious) and emotions. Depending on the stage of the creative process, and what you’re actually attempting to create, different brain regions are recruited to handle the task…


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