Being a writer and inventor I am especially sensitive to this phenomenon. Being by nature non-sedentary and hating this aspect of my work I often practice these cures. Again, I’d read the whole article. Very useful.

How Sitting All Day Is Damaging Your Body and How You Can Counteract It

Thorin Klosowski

1/26/12 8:00am

Do you sit in an office chair or on your couch for more than six hours a day? Then here are some disturbing facts: Your risk of heart disease has increased by up to 64 percent. You’re shaving off seven years of quality life. You’re also more at risk for certain types of cancer. Simply put, sitting is killing you. That’s the bad news. The good news: It’s easy to counteract no matter how lazy you are.

Let’s start with the basics. Since childhood you’ve known being a couch potato is bad. But why? Simply put, our bodies weren’t made to sit all day. Sitting for long periods of time, even with exercise, has a negative effect on our health. What’s worse, many of us sit up to 15 hours a day. That means some of us spend the bulk of our waking moments on the couch, in an office chair, or in a car.P

Sitting all day long isn’t hard to counteract, but you have to keep your eye on two details: your daily activity and the amount of time you sit. Let’s start by taking a look at what sitting all day does to your body…


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    This is, I suspect, a big problem for most business owners, entrepreneurs, employers, and inventors as well as for writers and copywriters. For the sake of your own health and the health of your employees should pay careful attention to this problem and remedy it as soon as you can.


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