Tonight I am working on both my song lyrics (I am now up to a count of about 120 songs written – in various genres and styles) and I am working on outlining the new e-Books I am soon to be writing. That is to say I am outlining the chapters of a couple of the non-fiction e-Books I am soon to start writing. If I have time this evening I will also transcribe a poem I wrote yesterday and to further develop a couple of new short stories I’ve just started writing.
My Cure plan proceeds apace and my progress is extremely good. As a matter of fact my Cure is so far ahead of schedule that in the first week of September (the day after Labor Day) I plan to return to my full and normal work schedule, including returning to my regular blog posting schedule. Although I have been working a couple of projects in background this entire time primarily I have been concentrating upon my Cure Plan. But I feel so good and my Cure is developing so rapidly I’m going back to work early, although I’ll continue with the Cure until it is fully and ultimately effective.
Have a good evening folks.

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