Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad, sometimes I’m nostalgic over times that I have had.

Sometimes I am furious, sometimes long at peace, sometimes I’m a superman, and sometimes I am weak.

Most times I am fearless, sometimes I am shocked, the older I get the more I note the ticking of the clock.

Sometimes I’m ecstatic, sometimes I am glad, that considering everything I’ve seen I’m not yet driven mad.

Sometimes I endure it, sometimes I need rest, sometimes I can’t do it, sometimes it’s for the best.

Sometimes I will wonder, a longing in my heart, to go where I have never been to play a different part.

Sometimes I’ll invent it if it doesn’t yet exist, sometimes I will hit my mark, I never try to miss.

Sometimes I am wiser than most anyone around, sometimes I don’t know a thing, and do not make a sound.

Sometimes I can see for miles, sometimes I just know, sometimes I must think awhile before it ever shows.

Often I will stand alone against the gathered mass, that never, ever bothered me, not now or in the past.

Sometimes I am lonely when I am by myself, then I’ll hear God speaking, and then my soul is well.

Sometimes I am injured, sometimes I am ill, sometimes I’m unstoppable, and sometimes I am still.

Sometimes I am joking, sometimes I am fun, sometimes I’m the bon vivant just sitting in the sun.

Sometimes I am quiet, sometimes I just write, sometimes when I say it all it still won’t come out right.

Sometimes I’m the hunter watching in the night, sometimes I catch evil men before they can take flight.

Sometimes I’m a genius, sometimes I am not, sometimes nothing is too hard, sometimes I’m tied in knots.

Sometimes I’m heroic, I do not count the cost, sometimes I am sure enough, and sometimes I am lost.

Sometimes I’m a Saint to some, sometimes I’m but a lout, sometimes I must hide it all by saying it out loud.

Sometimes I’m deceptive, but never without aim, cause sometimes Truth is hard to bear, too much of it can maim.

Sometimes I’m possessed by God to do what I would not, sometimes I don’t care at all, I act without a thought.

Sometimes I will turn a verse, then flip it round instead, to remind myself by doing so there’s treasure in my head.

Some days I really get the bear, one day he will get me, that’s the risk of living well, the thing you’ve yet to be.

Sometimes I will make a song then write the lyrics down, so others can continue it when I am not around.

Sometimes I am wonder-struck, sometimes I am in awe, the things that weave this world up tight they fascinate me all.

Sometimes I am burning hot, sometimes far too cold, sometimes I’ll keep what is left to hoard up in my soul.

Sometimes I am full of life, my blood does rightly sing, sometimes I am sorely vexed, the bells of doom do ring.

Sometimes I am birthed anew as if I were fresh borne, I pity those who never know, who never are reborn.

Sometimes there’s a problem, I long to solve it true, if I vanquish it in time I’m happy so to do.

Sometimes I will talk with Death, he reminds me who I am, I’m grateful for his honesty for I am just a man.

Yet sometimes when the sun is high, and I am pure and free, then I know the world is good, and it was made for me.

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