“There is a road far greater than the Weirding Road. For although both Sidh, or even Man if he may find it, can use the Weirding Road to cross between one world and the Other, this miracle is nothing compared the Greater Road. By means of the Weirding Road there is no longer any Great Gulf between Iÿarlðma and Klarvâl, but what is that uneven road and humble passage compared to the transit of the Wyrding Road?

Sidèhl and Men may use the Weirding Road to go where it leads between our worlds as the troubled times will dictate. But upon the Wyrding Road all things move everywhere – it connects all worlds at all times and forevermore.

The Weirding Road was made for us, for Sidh and Man, so that we may come to know each other and together wonder upon those marvelous and numerous things we know not of. Yet the Wyrding Road was made for all, to answer everyone of everything, if they will but seek it out and traverse its infinite paths and eternal length.

The Weirding Road is ours my friend and makes a traveled way between us, but the Wyrding Road is everyone’s and everywhere makes a secret and mysterious way to everything that is or will ever be. The Wyrding Road is God’s own highway and upon this Greater Road we must now go if we are to answer true the charge lain upon us and help to set our worlds once more right and free.

For us our Weirding Road has come to its end. Our Wyrding Road is still open though, yet where it leads I cannot say. But if we take it then we shall also be taken, and to unnamed places we have never known.”

2 thoughts on “THERE IS A ROAD from THE OTHER WORLD

  1. For some time now I have been trying to think of a way to explain the differences between the Weirding Roads and the Wyrding Road in the body of my novels without either disclosing too much about the Wyrding Road or without a lot of authorial exposition or explanatory dialogue (both of which I tend to dislike in fiction – especially in myth).

    This morning on a walk with Sam I saw in my mind a conversation between an Eldeven Elaekolh (as yet unnamed) and the female Russian mystic Klura (from the village of Kiev). The conversation above, with the Eldeven Wizard explaining to Klura that they must now travel the Wyrding Road rather than the Weirding Road seemed a perfect way to attack this problem in the body of my novels.

    It is only the first draft but I am pleased with it so far. I think it will make a good answer.


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