Song Of The Serpents

Men are older than they know,
But not so old as Guilt,
Guilt was on the Knowledge Tree
Before the world was built.Men are wiser than they think,
But not so wise as We,
Wise men lack the span of years
To see as serpents see.

Men are prouder than is wise,
But not so proud as Dust,
Dust bows not to men or gods
To mantle what it must.

Men are weaker than they wish,
Yet not so weak as Death,
Death must nurse its midwife, Life,
To rob her brother, Breath.

Serpents fuse the skein of Life,
Their venom at its throat;
Love is stronger than men know,
Yet yields no antidote.



Think I wrote that? I did not. But I could have, so similar are we in method and subject matter. Our use of language (when writing poetry) is also extremely similar.

It was a guy named Felix Dennis. Never heard of him before the other night but he’s awfully good to me. I say that not just because we are similar in many ways, but because, well, he’s awful good.

I recommend him. I am also extremely glad to discover others who write poetry in the same style as I.

Here’s a link to his fuller Body of Work: Felix Dennis Poetry

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