The Grand Trip Pt.2, High above the night

Very nice.

bureau of secret tourism


When a dense blanket of darkness covers the city another world opens up, a world above the shine of the street lamps, where one can feel invisible and excluded from the society down below.


The high places of a city. Recently I feel more and more strangely attracted to them, seeing as I have a slight fear of heights. I guess its the sense of danger which triggers the body to pump your veins full of that sweet syrup of adventure – adrenaline.


Or maybe its the feeling of discovery.


On the dark rooftops one can quietly observe the night life unfold in front of their eyes.


For me its also a way to more intimately get in touch with the cities, these nests made out of concrete and tangled machinery and metal that we build for ourselves…


And then soak all it in electrical current. Its a way to see and…

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