The Grand Trip Pt.3, High above the day


bureau of secret tourism


How better to start a warm summers day than by climbing a rusting pylon of an abandoned suspension bridge?


Sitting on top of this hulk of concrete and metal feels empowering, only thing left to do is dangle your feet of a ledge to prove you have truly conquered it!


Below kids jump of rugged concrete edges into the muddy river water. This is a strange neighbourhood –  in this river peninsula old shipyards, industrial buildings, unfinished skyways and low-income housing mixes into a strange soup of urban jungle which is a delight to explore


Just a hundred meters away lies an immense hangar surrounded by an overgrown fence. The crane looks dead and abandoned until it starts slowly coming back to life. Like some sort of giant rusty beach crab it lazily moves to the other side of the compound, its metal wheels shrieking as they following the tracks.


Later we move to another part of…

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