Urban Rambles: Exploring the area along Hoover and Virgil

Nicely done.

Eric Brightwell

Los Angeles is often characterized as a city in which one simply cannot exist without a car. And yet, as the millions of Angelenos who bicycle, takepublic transit, or walk will tell you, driving a car is no way to get to know the city. Since Los Angeles Countyis even larger than the island of Jamaica, walking everywhere would be a time consuming endeavor but there are highly walkable areas located throughout the nation’s most populous — and most densely-populated — metropolitan area and under the heading Urban Rambles, I will explore some of them.


Not far from Sunset Boulevard is an appealingly walkable area around the edge of Silver LakeandEast Hollywood. Its low-key vibe and under-the-radar attractions make it ideal for an urban ramble, which is precisely what I decided to do, accompanied in this case by…

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