Believing in Prester John

Prester John figures prominently in my fantasy/myth novels, The Other World. So I have done much research on the subject, and the character.

In those books he appears as the Samarl of Samarkand.

So I found this post extremely interesting.

Australian Medievalists

This Post has been written by a guest, Keagan Joel Brewer. Keagan Brewer is a medievalist whose research considers the structure of medieval beliefs and disbeliefs, with particular interest in marvels, wonder, monsters, legends, travel texts, the supernatural, and religious disbelief. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

As a historian, it annoys me when people talk about the Middle Ages as though it was a time of universal credulity. This is something that is part and parcel of the experience of being a medievalist, it seems. But in reality, then as now, there were those who readily believed certain things, and those who disbelieved them. The legend of Prester John was the same; some believed, some did not.

At the outset it must be stated that it is extremely difficult for the historian to convincingly argue whether or not…

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