Yesterday evening, after all of the Thanksgiving festivities I wrote a new children’s book. A Picture Book or possibly an Early Reader or Hi-Lo book.

Here are some of the sections:


”There once was a Snobble
Who lived in the woods
He gobbled and gobbled
All that he could,

His friend was a Smarty
Who was covered in warts
Smarty the Warty
Though he was a young Hort…

Now the Snobble who gobbled
And lived in the woods
Came from Far-Elsewhere
And did as he would,

His friend the Hort Smarty
Came from Near-By
But everyone swore
He had dropped from the sky

Together they rambled,
Together they roamed
Playing, exploring,
So far from their home,

Then one day they noticed
A cave in a hill, and
Decided to enter
Most curious-filled…”

I Look Forward to Your Reply

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