Book Review: The Elric Saga: Part 1 by Michael Moorcock

I too liked the Elric series. A great deal. I think that the basic mythology of the series, which was much more akin to the darker Faery works of Celtic mythology than Tolkien’s basically Nordic mythology was very well developed and highly allusional. If you knew what you were looking at.
Elric is tactical fantasy and myth, rather than cosmic and sweeping like Tolkien. It concentrates tightly upon character and psychology and personal experience, rather than culture and Cosmos. It is interested in personal Fate and Wyrd rather than world Destiny.
Plus Moorcock made Elric very much a reflection of the pessimistic, jaded, self-absorbed, self-medicated modern man.

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elricGenre: Fantasy
Series: The Elric Saga
Author Info:

The Elric Saga is one of the classics of the fantasy genre.I think it’s underrated despite inspiring big shot authors like R.A. Salvatore, Neil Gaiman and Margaret Weiss, and some milestone characters of the fantasy genre such as Drizzt Do’urden and Raistlin Majere. It is rather sad that only the hardcore fantasy geeks have read this incredibly original piece of work.

This book is a combination of the first three books of the series (around 100 pages or less), which are rather short compared to the typical fantasy books. Elric is the ultimate antihero, he is not your typical heroic warrior-king. Even though he is the emperor of Melnibone, he is a weakling barely kept alive by sorcery and potions. He betrays everyone he cares about, but you can’t really get mad at him. He has no purpose, no solid mission…

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