WHERE WERE YOU? – a poem on America


Where were you when the warnings wailed
A’ sleeping senseless in your bed?
Did you see the tyrants born
Or were you by then almost dead?

Did you rise when evil did
To aid the helpless Just and True?
Did you ward the Innocent
Or merely on your duty muse?

When your leaders (servants) took the crown
Did you then revolt like men?
Or did you cower satisfied
That others for you make amends?

What ancient wrongs did drive you on
To finally stand and take your feet?
Or did you bow and genuflect
In your subservience complete?

Why did you fight, why did you roar
Why did you fearless go to war?
Or on your bellies – witless worms
Choose to squirm, by all abhorred?

How did you come to be a slave
Mastered thus, so weak and soft?
Did your chains grow overnight
Or link by link, in forging oft?

Who are you, what will you be
What Champion, or mildly take?
There comes a day when all men must
Within their time decisions make,

Arise My Friends, be Brave Possessed
Comes every Free Man to his test
For if he will he can attest
That in his glory he is dressed,

But if you Free Men will not rise
Of fear and shame you are contrived
If you will bend to be deprived
Then other men shall own (spend) your lives.

2 thoughts on “WHERE WERE YOU? – a poem on America

  1. I have had more than enough of the apathy, the passivity, and the effeminate and shameless weakness of my countrymen.

    And of their mewling subservience to authority, be that of a tyrannical president or an oppressive policeman.


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