HARD LOVE (a song)

Woman you got hard love
The kind that cuts and bleeds
Woman you got hard love
The kind I’m gonna need
Woman you got hard love
Make it sting and burn
Woman you got hard love
Make me twist and turn

Woman want your love
Woman want it now
Woman you ain’t near as tough
As you pretend no how,
Yes you’re mean and angry
But you’re lonely too
I’m the man with love so strong
I’ll fix what’s wrong with you

Woman I got hard love
Love so hard it breaks
Whatever’s down inside of you
Let’s see what you can take
Woman I got hard love
You ain’t seen nothing yet
I’ll get so deep inside of you
Be begging me to quit…

4 thoughts on “HARD LOVE (a song)

  1. This is part of a song I wrote in my head last night while returning home from getting groceries with my wife. Actually last night, by the time I got home, I had written the first two stanzas in my head both as a song and as a mnemonics exercises.

    Often I will compose music and songs, write stories, conduct an experiment, or design and invent things in my head while doing something else then place it somewhere in my Memory City, Agapolis, for later retrieval.

    Didn’t really have to do that this time, it only took half an hour to get home so I just kept singing the lyrics over and over in my head (very simple lyrics), then when I got home and groceries were unloaded I sketched out the two stanzas of 8 lines each.

    This morning I inserted the chorus:

    “Woman want your love
    Woman want it now…”

    Don’t know what triggered the song, it just kinda came to me.

    At this point I plan to make it a hard-driving Blues song or a Hard Rock love/sex ballad. Haven’t composed any music to it yet.

    It is obviously unfinished but I plan to finish it today if all goes well.

    You’re welcome to comment on it.


  2. I thought this was beautiful. I read the lyrics and instantly thought of my great grand parents. My great grandfather was an open, loving, laughing man. My great grandmother was mean, quiet, and sheltered. The last anniversary they celebrated together was their 75th. I read these lyrics and thought of them…thanks for this. I am so glad I stumbled upon it.


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