“While you have grown and groaned with sweetest whispers,
and I have shaken like a ship upon storm tossed seas…”

As breasts have swelled with womanhood
As ankle encircled with gold and silver charm,
As lips have parted with liquid kiss
And past has passed all things remiss,
As curves have gentled, as flesh has warmed
As eyes of coal have fires borne,
As legs have wrapped me in embrace
As passion illuminates your face,
As hands do squeeze, as smiles report
To signal of your sure transport,
I feel as if we first did love
Woman of earth, spirit above,
A rain upon me in the heat
No lonely wind, but storm complete,
With hair all by this tempest blown
As we do grasp with equal moan
While we in lover’s passion gasp,
Our ship at sea is anchored fast.

More woman now in sweeter age
More full, more want, more love to rage,
And yet the fires wherewith you burn
Do complement me in my turn,
With uplifted face you signal me
And in your nakedness I see
Wife and lover, mother, friend,
Beyond that does your vision send
A currency I cannot spend,
For the commerce of our desperate hold
Cannot be reckoned, not retold,
Except for this, for this to say,
Tonight my woman as if the day
With coming morn could e’er announce
Your value now beyond recount,
Our ship at sea is anchored fast
Our treasured hold is deep and vast,
And yet of gold I could not count
The measure of your true amount,
More woman now than when first spent
My body borrowed, my heart is lent,
Wife and lover, mother, friend,
We sail this world until she ends.

(a love poem for my wife)

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