Nescio – The Poet of Prose

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Nescio (Bron- Theater Zeelandia)

I like to think that all of us here at Writer’s Block – editors, writers and readers – are lovers of the written word. It seems that for most people nowadays words only truly speak to them when they are uttered by actors, singers or public speakers, or when they’re set against the backdrop of a motivational video. Words on a page never seem to leave their paper for those people. But, as a lover of the written word writing for lovers of the same kind, I like to introduce you to a writer whose words not only transcend their paper constraints, but inhabit, engage and touch the deepest being of their readers; I’d like to introduce you to Nescio.

The name is derived from ‘nomen nescio’, the phrase atop a text if the author is unknown. Nescio, Latin for “I don’t know,” is the pseudonym of Jan Hendrik Frederik…

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