Hey, That’s MY Idea!

Scorched Eyebrow Studio

You’re only as original as the obscurity of your sources.  Pablo Picasso

I am a visual artist; before that, I was a (very minor) professional musician.  I have come to my own ethical conclusion regarding originality – not a valid legal one, to be sure – that, as long as I am making art that comes from and is imbued with my personal perspective and my voice, I am not taking anything that is not mine; I am giving something of me to the work.

The recent legal dust-ups in the world of pop music (Sam Smith/Tom Petty and Estate of Marvin Gaye/Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and Clifford Harris, Jr.) have given me more than a bit of creative heartburn, so this morning, I took a Google stroll through the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of the word original, which led to the definition of the word copy, which led…

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