Challenges (Writing 101 – Prompt 1)


In life, whether it be sometimes, often or everyday, all of us are challenged. Like me right now, writing a blog post in twenty minutes! It may be against the clock, a fear, a desire or a person. Every single one of us is challenged and I feel like this is one of the many things that makes life interesting. Or maybe the challenge of getting out of bed every morning! (ME)

For me, the biggest challenge of all in my small existence are the battles in my mind. Tossing about with an idea, and a person, about decisions just to name a few. Whereas you can escape many challenges, but your mind is one of the things you cannot and the more you try to push the thought away the harder it hits you when it comes back.

One of my biggest challenges was to tell the truth to my friend that I was in love…

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