Music and the mind

Music and the Mind

A really long, but good video on how music relates to the mind, how it was separated from language. Aniruddh briefly describes how there are grammatical structures for music and relates it back to our use of languages. Interestingly, when there are anomalies in either (music or language) the brain does not distinguish whether it is musically or grammatically incorrect. Suggesting that there was some overlap between language and music in our evolutionary history.

He also talks about how there are “language areas” that are activated by music. And mentions how the grey matter in musicians differ (they have more) than non-musicians.

He also looked at aphasics and whether they process anomalies in languages and music similarly and found that there were significant differences. He continues to explore the differences in grammar and semantics and the further research that aphasia and music relates and how it teaches us further about the…

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