Writing Wednesday: The Magna Carta Story – Print on Demand

Ann Marie Thinking Out Loud

Well, my proof copy arrived today from Create Space. It is such a great feeling to actually hold your book in your hand after all the months of work.

2015-04-08 23.48.46I posted recently about print on demand, and I must say, the process was very straightforward and well explained. There may be one or two things that would trip up someone who had never dealt with a printer before, like allowing for bleed and adding the correct formatting. Luckily my previous popular history books were printed by a local printer, so I had help then and understood now.

I went on the site this evening and approved the proof copy, so my book is up on the site and available for sale.

Create Space pageDon’t worry about the price, it’s £4.99 in the UK, the same as my other books, although it is several pages longer. I’m not sure what they charge…

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