30 in 30 : Week 2

Nice work…

Wolf Dancer Studios

In the beginning of April, I challenged myself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. Week one was filled with insight. It was all about not thinking and just painting. Week two brought different challenges. Those obstacles I call life were cutting into my art time. Weekend houseguests put painting on the back burner for 3 days and I needed to play catch up. Because I painted extra in week one, this week I only need 5 paintings to stay on schedule. Thankfully I had art night with some awe-inspiring artist friends, Miriam and Martha, and completed a colored pencil drawing. Normally on art night I just doodle, but I was aware I needed to be more serious and get something accomplished. Three paintings were in process and that meant I needed just one additional work. Here’s where my second obstacle of week two came in. The night before…

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