Weirdlings & The Conspiracy


Astra Weirding 03

Oh dear, I think I need to have a quiet word with myself, I seem to be having a bit of a funny turn.  Only last week waiting in the bank I found myself clad in a blue satin cape playing an enormous bank of keyboards, whereas today on my commute I found myself wearing pixie boots and playing a three-necked guitar*.  I shrugged it off, put it down to being a bit tired and stressed at work recently, time of year – that sort of thing.  Nonetheless, when I blacked out at my desk and found myself beating the living hell out of the largest drum kit ever assembled in one place during the fourth movement of a 62-minute suite of music about the loss of Atlantis, told through the personae of the Great Crab God, Medularrinus IV – I realized that I needed help; I was clearly coming down with…

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