Why Keep a Hiking Log – Free Printable

My Wandering Voyage

Who would Lewis and Clark, or Marco Polo, or Ferdinand Magellan be without record keeping. Their discoveries and accomplishments would be lost over time (even though Magellan had someone write for him).

If you like to dream of yourself of as an explorer of the world, like myself, then keeping a log means more than a report. It is a chance to be creative while recording your nature outings. In some cases, like the Bruce Trail, in order to receive badges for end-to-end hikes you must send in your hiking logs.

This summer I have some big plans, including big hiking trips and small geocaching trips, so I don’t want to forget any details. That’s why I’ve started a hiking log. It helps me keep track of the important information, like starting/end points, duration, and observances.

A good log should be something you like to write in (lightweight and/or waterproof…

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