Perseus Saves Andromeda

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A Roman fresco wall Painting from the “Mythological Room” of the imperial villa at Boscotrecase. ‘Landscape with Perseus and Andromeda’

 This beautiful wall painting was made in the last decade of 1st century B.C. It shows two important events from the myth of Perseus and Andromeda.

The first is in the middle left to lower left side is when Perseus is about to save the fair Andromeda from the snake-like sea monster Cetos. As the monster opens its fierce jaws towards Andromeda, Perseus swoops in wearing Hermes’s flying shoes, his lyre in one hand, and a cape flowing heroically in the wind.

The second is in the right hand side, where he is greeted by a forever grateful father of Andromeda. This foreshadows the ending of the myth, which one of Greek mythology’s few happy endings.

I personally love this wall painting because it not only depicts a Greek myth beside the fact…

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