Writing is Pre-Writing


Five Writers

By Jennie Jarvis

Growing up, I always heard the well-known expression “Writing is Rewriting.” But once I started my formal training as a screenwriter, I heard something much different – “Writing is Prewriting.”

What is Prewriting, you may ask? Prewriting is all the prep work you do before you sit down to actually write out the pages of your screenplay or novel. For me, prewriting includes world and character building, creating a treatment (basically, a summary of the story), and the outline. Prewriting is all the work that I do before sitting down at my keyboard.


When I mention that, in screenwriting, Writing is more about Prewriting than Rewriting, I tend to get odd looks from writers of other narrative formats (novelists, short story writers, etc). If this seems odd to you, you have to keep in mind how movies are made. Many times, a story will be sold based…

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