My Photographic Life

Just minutes before the first round of gunfire rang in our ears, we were walking hand in hand, enjoying the entwined feeling of our fingers. My husband noticed a small coin stuck between the crevices of the cobblestone streets. We realized it was an old Japanese coin, but we couldn’t figure out where it came from, as the Japanese Occupation was overturned about 10 years ago. He picked it up and gave it to me as a small keepsake. I looked at him with such pride, placing my hand on his soft cheekbones and I was about to tell him the news, till it happened: the first shot. We immediately ducked to the ground and started crawling to the nearest barrier we could find. The sound of bullets increased, and the smoke from the gunfire began to engulf the park. I could still hear him breathing heavily, unaware of his injury. I…

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