Urban Foraging

When Dad Stayed Home...

I went for a little stroll last night. When I returned home, I had to admit it had taken me a lot longer than I expected. But can you blame me? That lovely time of year is upon us again: harvest time.

The Youngest Forager About.

I didn’t return empty-handed from my evening walk though. I brought home quite the bounty: handfuls of edibles I picked along my walk. Especially the brambles are doing quite well already, forced forward a bit by the sun and drought we had this summer.

Nowadays, they call it ‘urban foraging’: picking edibles from your surroundings. Frankly, I have been an urban forager since I was a kid, I guess. Brambles, chestnuts, wild apples, …

In fact, to become an urban forager, you only need to have two skills: you need to know what grows where in your area and, most importantly, you need to know what you’re picking.

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