Junior Graphic Novel “Graham & Kaipo” Progress

Hi fans, friends and visitors,

Graham and KaipoI am excited to release some preliminary slides for the upcoming graphic novel/picture book for older readers, “Graham and Kaipo” a story of escape, survival, friendship, danger and acceptance. This is the first time I have taken on a challenge like this. These slides aren’t final. They have already taken me several hours to produce because I first had to make the cages from scratch in Sketchup (3D program) and then do all the layering, recoloring and digital painting to get the final cartoon art effect I was going for. I would be interested in feedback so far as this may well dictate changes I might need to make. I hope you enjoy this taste of what is to come. Thanks to Chris Graham for providing the inspiration. Yes, the main character is named after Chris and you will find it shares more than his…

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