Dayshift Werewolves and Weekend Writers: Thinking about the 3 Day Novel Contest Genre

A Pilgrim in Narnia

It’s Friday. This may not surprise you, and may not be true for all readers. But at this point, from my perspective, it is Friday. And in just a few hours the International 3 Day Novel Contest begins. Once again, I am foolish enough to join the madness. 

And, selfishly, I am looking for your best wishes. It is a difficult weekend–brutal sometimes–where in 72 hours I will sleep little and write much. This weekend I am writing 35,000-45,000 words for a complete middle grade novel. My target is preteens, so it is (I hope) a hilarious tale about a group of aliens who attack earth to steal our refrigeration technology. The working title is Russell and the Unfortunate Earthling.

So, if you are around this weekend, I would love your best wishes. You can search me on Facebook (Brenton Dickieson–there aren’t many of us) or tag me on Twitter…

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