Summer Reading: Homer’s Odyssey, Books 9-12

Winds & Waves

In my previous post about the Odyssey, I shared my thoughts on Books 5-8. Now we move onto Books 9-12, which contain the most well-known episodes of the poem, such as the incident of the Cyclops’ cave, the alluring song of the Sirens, or the sorceress Circe’s transformation of men into pigs—all narrated by Odysseus himself. These fantastic adventures are what people think of whenever the Odyssey is mentioned, and they are a significant part of why so many people—including myself—are fascinated by Homer.

Time for a quick recap of what happens in Books 9-12:

Book 9: Odysseus reveals his identity to the Phaeacians: he is Odysseus, son of Laertes, famous for all manner of cunning, who comes from Ithaca. Then, he begins his story, starting from when he and his men set sail for home after the fall of Troy:

  • Odysseus and his men, seeking plunder, raid…

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