Sparkle Highlights: 5 tools every writer should be aware of


Hey there budding writer! We are happy to introduce the Sparkle Highlights column. This is where we will bring you tools and resources that will help you to become a better writer. Our job is to find you the best tools and resources, your job is to use them and improve your writing skills. Deal?

Today, we want to introduce you to some awesome writing tools that are great for writers, editors and content managers. Some of them are free while you’ll need to pay for the others but trust us, they’re worth every penny you spend!

Here are 5 tools every writer should be aware of;

Daily Page

Writing, The Sparkle Writer's Hub

We absolutely love Daily Page! It’s a good platform for writers who haven’t mastered the art of writing every day. When you sign up, Daily Page sends you writing prompts which you’ll answer in one or two paragraphs. It’s fun, easy…

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