Beating Your Manuscript To Death

I'm Fine-Ish


I have a goal to finish my memoir by the end of the year. Hopefully sooner. There’s a contest in the University of Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program that starts on October 15th that I’d really like to try and enter. It’s a total long shot, but supposedly we hear who the winner is in the spring and that’s better than looking for an agent for “X” amount of years. At least by then if I don’t win the publication, I can be on the hunt because my manuscript would be finished.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people throughout my writing “career”, and with the AWP Conference in LA next year (YAYYYY! You should come and hang with me!) I’m bound to meet many more. I’ve met some people who have written entire novels in six weeks. And I’ve met some people who spent twenty years on their memoir. Everyone…

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