A Pepper & Carrot script: The Golem (part 2 of 2)

Hidden Jewels

A CC BY Pepper and Carrot script by Juan José Segura.

This is a script of the webcomic Pepper and Carrot. Comments are welcome. The story is the second part of “The golem“.

The Golem (Part 2 of 2)

First scene:

Panel #1: Komona, market day. Pepper is walking across the market, behind her walks the golem, carrying all the stuff that she is buying. Carrot is on the golem’s head having great fun. The Sun is starting to go down, but it is still bright day.

Pepper: What a wonderful idea to use the golem to carry all the buying!

Panel #2: The group passes in front of a villa. The villa looks luxurious. It has a big garden at the front of the big house. The garden has a fountain and a pond. The fountain is a stone made woman carrying an amphora. The water flows out…

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