Dungeons & Dragons Has Influenced a Generation of Writers

Indeed it has and I am one of those writers…

Breaking the 4th Wall

Here’s an article from last year in The New York Times by Ethan Gilsdorf about the influence of Dungeons & Dragons on a variety of writers. Included are comments from writers Junot Diaz, Sharyn McCrumb and David Lindsay-Abaire as well as Scott Stossel (editor of The Atlantic) and Jennifer Grouling, who works for Ball State University and wrote the book, “The Creation of Narrative in Tabletop Role-Playing Games”.

For years, my friends have commented on the “nerdification of Hollywood” and how the D&Ders have taken over, which is perfectly fine with us, as we grew up playing it and reading horror, fantasy and sci-fi novels. Its fun to see the positive lessons from roleplaying called out by people who utilize them in their work.

Other writers who are mentioned include China Mieville, Brent Hartinger, Cory Doctorow, Sherman Alexie, George R. R. Martin and even media personalities like Stephen Colbert, Robin Williams, Matt Groening, Dan…

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