The Wars of the Roses

The Cheerful Bookworm

The Wars of the Roses - Dan Jones

My grandmother once told me that, when she was younger, she was forced to memorize the names and dates of all the English kings that ever lived. She grew up in Great Britain over 70 years ago and, even then, kids had to prove their knowledge of the dynasties before they could graduate. I balked at this; growing up in the United States, the idea of me remembering similar info for even a handful of presidents when I was a kid seemed ridiculously hard. But what made this even more shocking to me, quantity of kings aside, is that the English habit of naming all their kings after their ancestors make learning about them extra difficult. How would you remember the difference between Henry II and Henry the VII? All of those Edwards… Which one was Edward the Conqueror again? It seemed such an impossible task!

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