25. Seven against Thebes (467 BC) by Aeschylus.


Plot : The curse of Oedipus descends upon his two sons, Eteocles and Polyneices, as they battle over the throne of Thebes. King Eteocles is told that the seven gates of his city are to be attacked by the seven generals of the enemy army led by Polyneices. He sends his six best warriors to defend the other gates, leaving the seventh and last gate to himself to personally defend, as Fate would have, against his own brother.
My copy is the Penguin edition covering Aeschylus’ four surviving plays outside his Oresteian Trilogy, edited by Philip Vellacott (ISBN 9780140441123)

My thoughts: More assuredly than The Persians, this is believed to be the single surviving play of a trilogy by Aeschylus, this time dealing with the curse of Oedipus.
Suffice to say that the family has been cursed when the grandfather Laius disobeys Apollo. The son Oedipus kills his father…

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