Help Wanted: Where Was Cumeoberg?

Kim Rendfeld

Cumeoberg was an Avarian fortress, or an old name for a mountain, or a mountain-top fortress, and the site of a nonbattle in Charlemagne’s 791 war against the Avars. And it is a setting for a scene in my work still in progress, Queen of the Darkest Hour.

The problem: I have multiple options for where it might have been. I know it was somewhere near the Austrian city now named Tulln, called Comagena in Roman times, and in today’s Wienerwald, a huge forested area near Vienna.

So, was in on a rise just south of Tulln? Was it on a mountain near today’s Königstetten? Or does it overlook today’s Klosterneuburg?

I’ve flipped though books without arriving at any certain answer. The reason for all this labor is that even after nine years away from my days at a daily newspaper, I still live in dread of The Call.

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