Listening – Day 1

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This is the first day of my Listening series. Keep reading. Stop telling yourself that you don’t like classical music or that you don’t understand it and give it a chance!

If this were my music class, we would be listening with a music sheet in front of us and you’d have to follow technical demands :D. We’ll stick to enjoying the music ;).

All music tells a story and all music has a message. Every classical recommendation will contain more than one accompanying feeling and I want you to be aware of this while listening and note down your feelings.

Follow these steps:

  1. ISOLATION – Listening happens in complete silence, no distractions, no talking, just music. You might need to even close your eyes in order to fully focus.
  2. EXPECTATION – Expect the music to transmit something and be ready to receive it.
  3. OBSERVATION – While listening, observe…

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