Arcade Raid – The Duke of Lancaster Ship

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Regular readers of this blog will have seen me reference “Arcade Raids” in previous articles. This might create images in your head of hooded gangs of arcade collectors breaking into warehouses in the middle of the night to stealth-steal a stash of classic arcade cabs. As exciting as that would be, the reality is somewhat different. A basic “raid” will go something like this:

  1. Collector gets a lead on some old arcade cabinets in storage somewhere.
  2. Collector establishes details about the site, tries to contact owner/retired operator.
  3. Owner tells collector to piss off and mind his own business.
  4. Collector persists and a year later makes contact again, this time with added charm.
  5. Return to step 3 above several times.
  6. Eventually, owner thinks about it, and demands a billion pounds for his gold mine.
  7. Collector remains charming, advises that owners gold mine is in fact junk and worth next to nothing.

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