Plain language and interesting stories make good science communication, says visiting expert


Jana Goldman at the IMAS Hobart Waterfront Campus Jana Goldman at the IMAS Hobart Waterfront Campus

Science communicator Jana Goldman addressed a packed lecture theatre at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) Waterfront Building on a rainy Hobart evening recently about Plain Language for Science Communication.

From a distinguished career in journalism and science communication, Ms Goldman founded Press Here. Plain. Science, offering plain language communications services for science organisations.

In keeping with the theme of plain language, Ms Goldman’s presentation was concise, and focused on the core messages of:

  • Make it clear: Use plain language.
  • Make it interesting: tell a story. Get your audience involved.
  • Make it relevant: Audiences respond best to stories that touch their lives in some way.

Ms Goldman then shifted the focus to the audience, and their questions and issues as scientists and would-be science communicators. Topics discussed included public speaking, and jargon, which will be the subject of…

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