How to Travel Alone

I completely agree. One should travel alone as often as one does so in the company of others. It’s good for the mind, it’s good for the soul, it’s good for the self.

Too many fear being alone, but they shouldn’t.

Transient Local

A friend of mine once all but recoiled when I told her that, when she came to visit me, she should feel free to explore on her own while I was at work. She was annoyed that I’d even suggested it, and told me there wasn’t anything she felt comfortable doing by herself. Another friend recently insisted I meet him as close as possible to his gate at the airport so that he wouldn’t have to find his way alone into the city center. I was frankly surprised by both of them because they operate independently in other areas of their lives: job, apartment, etc., and I couldn’t believe that traveling in an unfamiliar place scared them more than, say, a car inspection. I travel alone so often now that I’d forgotten how daunting it once was, and when I remembered I felt like an a-hole for being so judgmental and dismissive…

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