Writers and Artists on Creative Habits, Accepting Self-Doubt, and the Rewards of Perseverance

Many of the observations made here are astute. And self-doubt used to bother me, as did rejection. Now I merely consider rejection to be another form of Impetus (to both Work and Succeed) and self-doubt just another method of technique and performance, similar to that of my self-induced melancholy.

Occasional self-doubt, whether self-induced or triggered by external forces beyond your control can be both a powerful motivator towards superior performance and Work, and like self-induced melancholy, an important source of inspiration for both new material and corrective progression of your existing Work.

Do not flee self-doubt, Employ it as an Ally and an Agent of Espionage for the future. As a spy (a double agent) pointing the way towards what you could be, not as an assassin of what you are not.


Anyone who writes, draws, paints, sculpts — anyone who creates — knows two things: inspiration and discovery (the twin muses) visit those who sit down and do the work and perseverance is often its own reward.

Sometimes the blank page stares back. At times like these, a gentle nudge can help. Here’s some thinking, advice, and encouragement from working writers and artists we’ve featured on Discover.

Mica Angela Hendricks is an artist and author who loves to collaborate with her young daughter on detailed, fantastical illustrations. Check out her work at Busy Mockingbird.

Mica Angela Hendricks on pulling that thread of interest and giving your creative endeavor a shot:

What motivates me is just wondering if I can do something. I’ve not been trained in embroidery, for example, but at one time it really interested me, so I wanted to see if I could work it into my drawings…

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