Anne-Laure Jacquart demos a perfect use of negative space

Citizen Sketcher

I’m always talking about using negative space when painting. (Say for instance, this example). I often call it The Three Big Shapes: Sky, Ground, Subject.

In this short video, watercolor sketcher Anne-Laure Jacquart gives you a *perfect* example of cutting a negative shape.

You’ll see her deftly cut her subject out of the sky and ground in only a few moments work. She makes it look easy!

This is exactly the kind of direct drawing with the brush that makes watercolor the ultimate travel sketching medium.

And – just a reminder – Anne-Laure is the sketcher who is replacing me as the lead sketcher on our planned travel sketching workshop to India.

I hope if you’ve ever wanted to travel and paint in such an exotic location, you’ll consider signing up with her! There’s only 15 total spaces <update: Only 8 spaces left as of May 17 > in the…

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