Blogging – To niche or not to niche

I solved this problem by developing four different blogs for my various interests in life. And although each is primarily niched (literary, gaming, business, and general life) each is also a sort of open ended Renaissance/Polymath effort.

HarsH ReaLiTy

We all blog in our own way and we find what works for us. Some of us seek out like minded bloggers and form communities around our niche. Others, like me, enjoy a wide range of blogs and topics that keep our readers interesting. We freely share our lives and our lives will never belong to a specific category or topic. Our blogs are our current interests and our current interests change daily. Because of this we will never be labeled as niche bloggers.

There are many people online that consider themselves “blogging experts.” These people are generally marketers or online networkers and they pride themselves on knowing how “SEO” and “google analytic” works. Many of these bloggers and media “experts” will tell you that to create a successful blog one must pick a niche to blog in. They will push you to separate your content based on subject because…

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