I get asked this question a lot

Jay Kristoff - Literary Giant


And despite the picture, I’m not billing myself as some kind of little green jedi master in the art of writing. But I figure I’d write my answer here. For what it’s worth.

What would you recommend to people like me, who one day would like to become a published author?

First, decide what kind of author you want to be. Being an author is like being a musician. You can play pop music, or you can play weirder, off the wall stuff. Either choice is fine, but you should understand you probably won’t be able to do it full time and pay your bills with it if you’re writing the literary equivalent of jazz fusion on a banjo.

Write lots. Give yourself permission to suck. Understand you will likely be shit before you’re good, and being shit is okay as long as you’re getting better.

If you want to…

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