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Hello droogs!

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of revealing two of the AMAZING maps created for my new epic fantasy, NEVERNIGHT.

It’s one thing to create a world in words, it’s entirely another to see that world visualized by an amazing artist. When I put out a call on twitter a few months ago for suggestions on fantasy cartographers, I had a ton of wonderful suggestions (thank you everyone!). Based on the recommendation of a couple of friends, we ran with the amazingly talented Virginia Allyn, and dayum son, she KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE GODDAMN PARK.

So I’m just gonna shut up and let you feast your eyes. First up, we have color and B&W maps of the Republic of Itreya, where the series is set. Second comes color and B&W maps of Godsgrave, the City of Bridges and Bones and Itreya’s capital.

I won’t…

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