What is your Geocaching Role?

I do a little bit of this all and more. But I never use a GPS, instead I rely upon the clues. It is far better practice for my observational and detective skills than relying upon mere technology to make a discovery.

Only a couple of times have I been unable to locate a cache through the written and/or surrounding environmental clues and in both cases I suspect the cache had already been abandoned, moved, or destroyed.

Our Journal

DSC_7996Living in Wisconsin we really have an open season for Geocaching. Don’t get me wrong you can do in the winter. (We have done it.. and had to get our car towed back out of the deeper than it looked snow) Spring/Summer have finally arrived in Wisconsin and see took our daughter out geocaching for the first time! She loved it. The photo of the lake is Phantom Lake in Muskego Wisconsin. This cache was at the end of a dead end street overlooking the lake. It was so beautiful.

Our Geocaching Stats:(at publishing this we are at 351)
Profile for WDWMould

So what do I mean by Geocaching types? Well there is the planner, the GPS, the driver, the finder, the photographer, and more! Each role helps the team in their quest for geocaching glory. Which of these are you?

  • PLANNER – This is the person who takes the time to plot…

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